Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Correlation, causation, and... support stockings?

Well, it's been quite a day. I am pleased to announce that yes, I have made progress on the to-do list that I posted last night.

First, the university stuff: I have obtained a signed prerequisite exemption form for Intro to Calculus and am now in a position to register for the class.

And the proofreading project: I did four of the remaining seven chapters this evening.

Tidied My desk a bit and culled some papers in a box of files.

Folded laundry. De-lumped the Dark Legion's litter boxes. Tossed our karategi into the dryer.

I also did a few family errands, including troubleshooting a television, getting some keys cut, paying a bill, and wrestling some drapery hooks into a somewhat reticent living room drape.

What I find interesting about today's burst of energy is that this morning I decided to wear My handy-dandy 20-30mmHg support pantyhose.

Coincidence? I. Think. Not.

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