Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A whole lotta nothin' goin' on...

It's downtime time again. Weather is a bit on the cool side. Spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out the crawlspace under the back of the house, and most of Monday finishing a new pair of gi pants. (They're wonderful, by the way.)

Don't wanna go shopping; did that yesterday.

Not in a mood to work on the study floor, ride My bike, bake cookies, muck out the fish tank, or do some gardening.

I don't even have a clarinet lesson today -- My teacher is away on musical business. And it's twenty minutes before I have to leave for karate.

So I've been sitting around, playing video games and wandering through various Internet fora and contemplating writing another essay for I already have a theme in mind: A psychological critique of the "Must-Obey-Deity" mindset.

And writers' group is tomorrow, so there's stuff I need to print out.

And, as there are still six practice days before My clarinet exam, I foresee Myself playing mass quantities of scales later tonight: All the major and minor ones up to four sharps or flats, sixteen different scales in all.

But, in the meantime... (stretches out Her legs) ...Ahhh!

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