Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eight happy fish (and a happy computer, too)

Just got upstairs after mucking out the power filter on the 20 gallon fish tank. Algernon the Algae Eater, Mr.? and Mr.? Corydora, and the Blackskirt Quintuplets look a lot friskier. I'm not overly committed to being a fishkeeper, but I do like to have My tenants in good health.

Next fish-related project will be an alternate lighting system for the tank, as humidity got into the incandescent lighting hood and shorted out the last couple of bulbs. I'm thinking in terms of low-wattage LEDs, possibly a string of them around the outside of the tank. I don't like to run the lights in the summer because of the added heat in the tank, so that approach may well solve two problems for the price of one.

As for the wintertime, I've already removed the 100 watt heater from the tank and am upgrading the fish to 200W.

I'm also playing with My new laptop computer, a recent acquisition... I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows Vista, dual-booting with GRUB as My boot loader.

The laptop is My first serious wireless-networking device, ever. I spent seven years as a sysadmin and hardware geek, but only recently have I felt inspired to go wireless. Security has been My main concern; and that concern was refreshed when I turned on the laptop and immediately found several unsecured networks in range of My house.

I do want the option of going mobile in November, when NaNoWriMo starts up, though. Writing chapters longhand on the back of scrap paper, and then transcribing them when I get home, gets old real fast.

Off to look for wireless drivers for the Ubuntu side of the installation!

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