Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tootling in 5/4 time

It's late Thursday evening in Winnipeg, and as I wind down from the long day I've got my clarinet out. Got an extra lesson on Saturday, noon-ish, and am putting in a few longer-than-usual practices.

On the menu tonight: Allegro Con Grazia from Symphony No. 6 by Tchaikovsky. I've been working on getting a better-sounding B flat at the top of the chalumeau register, and ridding Myself of a few unwanted chirps and twitters caused by intermittent interruptions of airflow.

Oh, and did I mention that the aforementioned Allegro is in 5/4 time? (A 2+3 feel, to be specific.)

My overall sound is improving quite a bit as of late, something that can be attributed to one particular thing: Regular and mentally focused practice.

'Regular' as in 'Not just the evening before the next lesson'.

'Mentally focused' as in 'If you keep making the same damn mistake in the same place, stop right there and play it slowly until you're no longer making that particular mistake.'

And those #3 reeds are softening up nicely, too.

Thirty-two days till the exam... Thirty-two days till the exam...

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