Friday, March 21, 2008

Mini-Egg Emergencies and other small panics

Went out to Thursday night writers' group, as usual, then picked up Red so we could go shopping. Our objective: A two-pound bag of chocolate mini-eggs.

Tried the grocery store. No large bags there, and overpriced smaller bags.

Tried the drug store. Still no large bags, although they had a suitable quantity of store-brand eggs in a rather pleasing canister.

Then I read the ingredients.

Who the Hel puts wheat in chocolate eggs?
(*heavy sigh* as I put the container back on the shelf)

But we did come home with a "contingency" bag of a third brand, free of both wheat and tartrazine.

And they go great with an icy mug of mead. *chomp*

Happy Equinox, everyone!

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