Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flow and Focus

After making some progress with the physical side of the Lakshmi Project -- The re-ordering of my immediate environment -- I'm now revisiting the mental side.

There are several things happening simultaneously that could be construed as evidence that the Project is starting to take root in my mind.
  1. Due to other commitments, my violin teacher is only going to be teaching for another month. This will give me some extra cash in the form of a tuition refund, and give me additional practice time to prepare for a clarinet exam in June. Conveniently, this turn of events will provide the cash for a pre-calculus prerequisite math course I want to take... And the required graphing calculator, too.
  2. I've acquired a paid proofreading gig, cleaning up a book manuscript.
  3. I've been improving self-discipline and concentration skills through various means, including leaving the computer switched off during music practice, and doing my reading in a straight-backed chair under adjustable lighting.
The mind truly is the final frontier... And oh, what a trip I'm having on this particular starship!

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