Saturday, February 2, 2008

To curry favour, favour curry

(Title swiped from "The Seasonings" by P.D.Q. Bach)

Made a lovely meal on this chilly Friday night, a vegetable curry that used the "everything including the kitchen sink" masala that I created when cleaning up My spice collection a few weeks ago. Potatoes, carrots, broccoli, onions, garlic, cashews... Some red lentils done up with Chinese chili-garlic sauce and some cumin seed. Plus some white rice and some pappadams.

And then, music time! Worked through an F# minor clarinet study for a while, then switched to violin and played Vilma Wiolin Deutschesfiddle for another half hour.

After that, I tinkered with My collection of guitars. Put François the 12-string back into the Closet of Many Instruments and brought out Spiny Norman the 5-string bass. Adjusted the intonation and lowered the bridge pieces, and played "Badge" and a few other things. Switched to Dr. Venkman, my Ibanez RG electric, and played some more.

Then Red brought up some tea and cherry cobbler, and we had a midnight snack break.

And only then did I wander out to the Internet.

Perhaps I should make curry more often...

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