Sunday, February 10, 2008

56 square feet... And a cat or two...

Did some more work on the floor in the study today.

And I had helpers... Little whiskered dudes and dudettes, tiptoeing over boxes of flooring screws and wandering between the joists. At first I tried to keep the Dark Legion out of the construction area altogether. However, when you're dealing with eight feline variables, solving that particular equation is... Well, like herding cats.

(pauses to pull a splinter from the terminal phalanx of Her left third finger) Oh, and I cut a bit of wood, too.

I'm pleased to report that after the new floorboards were laid in place, the inventory count showed that we still have eight cats.

And there are now seven 2' x 4' plywood squares installed: The entire first row (w00t!) and the first board in row #2.

Amazingly, when I reached the junction of the office floor and the main study floor, the height difference was less than a quarter of an inch. All the more impressive because I started on the far side of the room and worked towards the existing floor. This bodes well for the project.

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