Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And the Lakshmi Project continues...

Things are moving along in my life... Not swiftly, but steadily and in the correct direction.

I continue to make progress in the organization of personal space. Desk is not clear yet, but far closer to it and settled into a new, somewhat tidier homeostasis. Approximately 50% of the boxes previously piled up near the window have been emptied... Most of them into a new old bookcase acquired from the parental units. More room for music stand, guitar stand, and the wooden stool that Freyja uses to access Very High Places.

I've already downloaded this year's crop of tax return forms and will be filing my financial statements and tax return substantially before the deadline.

A letter of acceptance for university (with a lovely collection of transfer credits from prior college studies) is being finalized and should be in my hands within a few days. I've also found a way to pick up a couple of missing course prerequisites in a relatively painless manner (Translation: Studying physics and pre-calc math at home at my own pace rather than spending five mornings a week at an Adult Ed center).

Wood necessary for levelling the next 16 square feet of study floor has been cut into appropriately sized pieces.

My new workbench is up and running, along with a better-positioned bench vise and a pegboard. New 20 amp wiring for the router table, chop saw and vacuum will follow in due course.

And clarinet lessons resume tomorrow.

Life continues to be good.

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