Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Takk fyrir, Jólasveinar!

I'm sitting here with a nice hot cup of coffee, munching candy and pondering this year's haul of goodies.

As all of the humans in the household received clothing (Me, a pair of slippers with penguins on them; Red, a new shirt; Chala, a hat), the Yule Cat left us in peace.

Until the turkey came out of the oven, that is. (dives behind pot of wild rice as eight free-range felines converge on the dinner table in search of prey)

In addition to the slippers, I also received the following:
  • A hunter dragon (henceforth known as 'Hunter'), who has already found a cozy spot on top of my Fedora Core 6 Linux box;
  • One of a pair of dragon-silhouette prints, both already installed in the stairwell;
  • A new jigsaw;
  • An automotive creeper, for doing renovations while lying supine in low-clearance areas;
  • A truly frightening amount of chocolate (red, green and white Mini-Eggs, some caramels, some macaroons, and *meep* a one kilogram Dairy Milk bar);
  • Lavender bath stuff.
And for Myself I bought...
  • A new clarinet ligature (Bonade inverted);
  • A new violin bow, lighter and weighted more to the frog;
  • And a paperback copy of The God Delusion.
But the best part about today is... I don't have to go anywhere or do anything in particular until Thursday morning or so. Just taking it easy for a couple of days. Ahh... (settles back with coffee)

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