Monday, December 17, 2007

The Lakshmi Project

My environment is changing, one scrap of paper at a time.

I'm straightening out my workspace, putting away CDs and books, and generally cleaning house. This rather uncharacteristic madness does have a rather serious purpose:  Making room for visiting goddesses and their garudas and elephants and Significant Others so we can all sit down and have a nice cuppa.

(runs paper shredder to dispose of some old paid bills and bank slips)

I am rather fond of collecting Stuff; however, when one's primary workspace is weighed down with a Spike Milligan boxed set, volume 3 of Buntús Cainte, and no less than 33 CD's, something's gotta give.

Oh, look! Here's one of the elephants now. Sit right over there between the drum pad and the stapler, little dude.

Já, this feels better already. (starts transcribing a poem scribbled on the back of an envelope)  If this keeps up I'll actually be able to get to my study window by New Year's --

-- Without having to step over half a dozen cardboard boxes. W00t!

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