Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gleðileg Jól!


The Yule parties, yes, parties, are over for another year. We had two because all the guests from Party #1 had departed by the time the last group of visitors arrived.

We didn't get around to bottling the mead, and the orange cake and the crab-stuffed mushrooms have been deferred to a later occasion -- Probably Hogmanay. Rather than engaging in a no-holds-barred Cookie Rant with six or seven different varieties of baked goods, I restricted Myself to three dishes: Honey-garlic chicken thighs; gluten-free brownies; and almond butter-crunch candy. (Oh, and I mixed up the chip dip, too.)

But that's fine, because Red did the rest. Spicy chicken drumsticks; meatballs; spare ribs; sautéed mushrooms; potato salad; lemon squares; chocolate chip cookies; and a giant apple pie thingie which stayed in the fridge because we had Way Too Much Food for eleven people.

Especially after the cheese, crackers, salad, crudités, potato chips, second container of chip dip, and two bottles of wine showed up.

I reiterate: Oof.

Happy Yule, everyone!

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