Tuesday, October 23, 2007

...And it's only Tuesday!

Quest for Cat Gazebo 2.0 continues, even as Winnipeg's weather turns cold and fierce winds invade from the northwest. The garage needs a major rework; and the back wall of the house is, at this writing, unfinished.

But I'm finally starting to feel confident that I can and will finish what was undertaken before it all gets buried under three feet of crystallized dihydrogen monoxide.

Exhibit "A": The back wall. Insulation in place. Tar paper also in place. Siding... Mostly in place. 24 more strips of pine are waiting in the garage, stained and dry and ready to install.  While parging the east wall of the crawlspace I ran out of topping compound, but not before I covered all the areas that the gazebo walls will eventually touch.

Exhibit "B": My long-suffering garage -- Leaky and saggy roof, rotten 2x4's, and a footing that got thoroughly mauled when that Bobcat howled through my yard last summer. I spent a good chunk of both Monday and Tuesday hand-mixing concrete, four bags of the stuff, and have successfully repaired the northwest corner of said edifice. When it's fully cured, I can install a new 2x6 sill plate and enough new studs to stabilize the building.

So, tomorrow afternoon I'm installing siding and wetting down the new concrete. But, in the meantime...

(reaches for clarinet; cats scatter in all directions)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ode to Cat on My Desk

It's fast approaching 1 a.m. CDT, and I really should be getting to bed.

After picking up and stapling the novel excerpt that I printed out for tomorrow night's writers' group. (trudges up to the third floor and retrieves four copies from laser printer)

And throwing my karate gi into the dryer. (grabs laundry basket, trudges down to the basement, moves various pieces of laundry hither and yon, trudges up to main floor and folds socks for a while)

And feeding the cats and the... No, I fed the fish when I came in from karate class. (puts the fish flakes back in the drawer and opens up a fresh tin for Qat, Caramon, Raistlin, Walter, Greyscale, RJ-45, Frey, and...)

...Freyja girl. Asleep on my desk, in a pile of CD's, notebooks, guitar picks, writing instruments and rubber lizards. How I envy you, lovely lady cat.

(logs off, shuts down computer, trudges into bedroom) *click* Zzzzz...