Thursday, July 5, 2007

More toys! More play! More work!

Allow me to introduce two of my newest friends:

- "François", a lovely 12-string acoustic guitar made by Norman. Simply lovely piece of workmanship. Nice low action, beautiful finish, gorgeous sound.

- And an unnamed Panasonic digital voice recorder, just the thing I need to capture new writing ideas on the fly.

Alhough music teaching and music studying is off for the summer, I've been busy. I'm now attending a professional writers' group and preparing to second-draft and market The Week of Alibis, my 2005 NaNoWriMo effort. Next week I hope to meet with a counsellor at one of the local universities -- In September I want to begin work on my B.Sc. Karate has resumed, too, and Red and I are going swimming tomorrow night.

And then there's the "Archery lessons - Register now" sign that caught my eye this morning on the way to work. *eep*

This doesn't take into account the demolition, construction and gardening currently underway in my back yard; various odd jobs for the parental units; or my day gig as a medical transcriptionist. But, now that teaching is off the calendar for a while, my free time has easily tripled.

One of these days, I might even sleepzzzz... *thud*

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