Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hot fun in the summertime

"I'll take 'Springy Summer' for $200, Alex."

And the answer is... "An air conditioner; new blinds; and a blender of Margaritas."

The question: How do Astreja K. & Co. deal with a painfully hot summer day?

This afternoon, Red hooked up the air conditioner that we got from the parental units. (They have central air in their new home and don't need the portable.)

Then I installed new blinds on the west-facing window in the study, to cut down on incursions of sunlight.

Finally, we made a lovely supper of salads (potato, egg, chicken; plus guacamole and coleslaw) and washed it down with the aforementioned Friendly Drinks.

And here are a couple of recipes!


Five avocados, peeled and de-seeded and squished beyond recognition
Three cloves garlic, minced very fine
One medium onion, chopped fine
Juice of one lime
One teaspoon coarsely ground cumin seed
A couple of grinds of black pepper
Something hot -- Caribbean spice, Louisiana hot sauce, whate'er ya got.
Salt to taste (but not much)

Combine in a non-metallic bowl and mix thoroughly. (I make mine with a potato masher.) If you aren't eating it all right away, cover closely with plastic wrap to keep it from turning brown on top.


Margaritas à Deux

Juice of two limes and one lemon, or four limes (Cut a thick slice off one of them)
Fourteen capfuls of tequila
Six capfuls of Triple Sec
A couple of cups of ice
A saucerful of sea salt, coarse but not too coarse
Two rather large wineglasses

Prepare the glasses: Wet the rims to a depth of about 1/4" with the saved slice of lime, then roll in medium-coarse sea salt.

Combine the lime juice, tequila and Triple Sec in a blender. Add ice till about 3/4 full. Blend in short pulses till the ice is mostly broken up, then finish with a ten second blast to create a frappé.

Pour carefully into the salted glasses. Split the lime slice in half and put one half on the rim of each glass.

Serves two. Or, in our case, serves two but I get the leftovers. Yum.

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