Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am become Shiva, Destroyer of... Patios?

A Bobcat was loose in my yard this afternoon.

The Dark Legion, predictably, was Not Impressed. Lovely summer day, they're reduced to staring out the windows in feline horror while this... this woefully mis-named thing rampages over *their* precious turf.

But, after a few hours of banging and clanking and diesel-fueled racket (and two massive truckloads of concrete!) we have an actual Yard. Not four- and sometimes six-inch-thick slabs of concrete poured willy-nilly over even older concrete. Not rebar and baling wire and old bedframe bits. Actual dirt, suitable for gardening.

My heartfelt compliments to the extremely skilled operator of this Fiendish Thingie -- He manoeuvred the bulldozer between two small trees (less than six inches clearance), and made a right-angle turn between the garage and my back stairs. Extracted massive slabs of stuff, and I also think he had fun doing it. I certainly had fun watching.

However, first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to the lumber yard to buy a small set of stairs for the side door of the garage. That first step is a lulu.

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