Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am become Shiva, Destroyer of... Patios?

A Bobcat was loose in my yard this afternoon.

The Dark Legion, predictably, was Not Impressed. Lovely summer day, they're reduced to staring out the windows in feline horror while this... this woefully mis-named thing rampages over *their* precious turf.

But, after a few hours of banging and clanking and diesel-fueled racket (and two massive truckloads of concrete!) we have an actual Yard. Not four- and sometimes six-inch-thick slabs of concrete poured willy-nilly over even older concrete. Not rebar and baling wire and old bedframe bits. Actual dirt, suitable for gardening.

My heartfelt compliments to the extremely skilled operator of this Fiendish Thingie -- He manoeuvred the bulldozer between two small trees (less than six inches clearance), and made a right-angle turn between the garage and my back stairs. Extracted massive slabs of stuff, and I also think he had fun doing it. I certainly had fun watching.

However, first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to the lumber yard to buy a small set of stairs for the side door of the garage. That first step is a lulu.

I've created a monster!

Mwahahaha, and all that.

I actually sat down and attempted to write some scenes for Donuts: The Musical!, with one week to go in Script Frenzy. Am over the initial hump, with about one eighth of the script finished (about 2500 words so far).

Problem #1: I don't actually have a plot yet.

Problem #2: Little Slurp, a small and perpetually hungry green dragon, is trying to eat the entire population of her daycare group. With salsa.

Problem #3: I now have a sentient donut named Fred, and he's addicted to Minesweeper.

Please send mass quantities of tequila cooler. A 55 gallon drum oughta do it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Verklempt over Norrin Radd

*snif* I just got back from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I got fair warning about painfully silly acting, but this was a movie that I've been eagerly awaiting for, oh, 20-25 years or so. (gingerly pets her 1968 original but nowhere-near-mint, don't-even-go-there copy of Silver Surfer #1 that she purchased for twenty bucks in 1980)

I'm glad I went. Seeing one of my all-time favourite characters on the big screen was indeed worth the price of admission. No complaints about the portrayal of the Surfer, none whatsoever. Beautifully realized with great special effects and a wonderful voice.

Oh, and I liked Ben Grimm too. The Thing... uh... rocks?

(ducks and runs for her life, giggling maniacally)