Thursday, May 10, 2007


Or, "The Lady and the (imitation) Leatherman".

Or, possibly, "Yes, I do windows".

It's a quarter to midnight on an entirely reasonably cool-ish May evening. The cats are finally coming out of hiding after my late-night Noise Rampage. Two circular saws, a cordless drill, a hammer, a box of 3 1/2" spiral nails, and sixteen linear feet of construction spruce were implicated as accomplices.

This is, ironically, part of the renovations to the Cat Gazebo. And, like most of my projects, its tentacles reach far beyond the original plan.

First, we decided that 2007 was as good a time as any to put a permanent roof on the Gazebo.

Hold on a second. First we have to move the cable that supplies electricity to the garage.

The one that nearly got squished last December when an old patio awning 2x4 cracked under the weight of the Gazebo awning bearing 30 centimetres of wet snow. The awning that I cut down with a steak knife whilst dodging suddenly-released masses of wet, 30-centimetre-deep snow. Brr...

Oh, yes. So the old beam had to come down and the cable got liberated. Out came a dead motion-sensing light attached to the cable run. That left enough outdoor-grade 14/2 to consider putting a GFCI outlet right at the junction (now in a weatherproof box, and eventually going into some plastic conduit once the new roof is up).

What the heck, might as well re-insulate the back end of the kitchen before reattaching the Cat Gazebo walls and adding the new roof. So, off come dozens of heavy, brittle asphalt tiles and reams of tar paper.

On goes fresh 3/8" plywood, soon to be topped off with foamboard, vapour barrier, and tongue-and-groove pine.

For a change of pace, I invest in a *large* prybar and make some progress in the removal of the old concrete between the kitchen and the garage. (And tentatively enlist the help of a neighbour's friend to smash out and remove the rest of it sometime in June.)

And out comes the old kitchen window. Which brings me back to the aforementioned Noise Rampage.

Sometime tomorrow (barring torrential rain, and even that might not stop me), framing of the new kitchen window will be complete. Tonight I cut and drilled and nailed all of the 2x6's that I bought earlier in the evening, creating a new frame for the new window. Yesterday I cut some fir for the visible part of the window, then rabbeted it on my new router table. This afternoon I clamped it and glued it. The finished box frame is wide enough to sit flush once all the insulation is in place, also wide enough to comfortably accommodate the rear end of a cat.

Not that this is a major issue -- The cats are getting a floor-level VIP entrance as part of the deal...

(sighs heavily and starts playing with the new multi-tool she also picked up while running amok at the lumber yard this evening)

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