Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Equiknock knock... Who's there?

Welcome to spring, folks. (For those of you in the southern hemisphere, feel free to scratch out 'spring' and write in 'autumn' in crayon. The autumnal deities will make it official just as soon as they get back from their Wednesday morning coffee-and-donuts run.)

I would've made my own ex officio announcement at 1907 hours local time on 2007-03-20, but I was out teaching guitar lessons and admiring some gloriously weird and wild windy weather.

It's actually been a really good day for music. One of my students is currently learning "Spanish Romance" (Romance Anónimo), from the 1954 French movie Jeux Interdits. Another student is learning the Mason Williams iconic piece "Classical Gas", which I've loved since I was a kid.

And I just put away my clarinet after tootling melodiously for about an hour. I'm working on a David Hite study, some Wagner, and a polka-like fiendish thingie. Really glad that I changed reed brands a couple of months ago -- All of a sudden I can control the blasted horn. Currently I'm using a Vandoren 2½, a bit harder in the heart than the previous brand. And a good match for my B45 mouthpiece which I got last spring.

Gooood grief... Listen to me. I've been playing clarinet for just over a year and a half and already I've turned into an instrument geek.

Not that I mind, mind you...

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