Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rift in the space-time continuum's spin cycle

The washer is fixed. It's alive. Alive! Mwahahaha!

Except for one small problem.

A basement that's now running on Samoa time (GMT-11h) rather than Central time (GMT-6h).

Or so it appears, anyway. When the little arrow on the washer's timer knob is pointing to 5:00, the washer itself is performing the function at the 12:00 position. Other than that, the new timer went in just fine. So, until such time as I decide to open up the console to fix this (possibly as soon as tomorrow, because things like this bug me), I drew a bright red line at 12:00.

I also managed to bolt down the top with a fresh set of self-tapping metal screws, with several thick nylon washers as spacers, and a few dollops of Automotive Goop (originally purchased to stick rubber lizards on the wall of my study, but next time I'm using 5-minute epoxy because only two lizards are still up there.)

And I levelled that sucker too, using my 4' spirit level (the magnetic one that lives on the side of the fridge). Smooth like butter.

Darn, now I'm getting hungry. Tea time!

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