Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pull rope, blog sputters to life

It's a Saturday night, uh, Sunday morning in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Freyja, one of my eight cats, is curled up on my desk.

As usual, said desk is a mess. In addition to this lovely tabby Siamese lady (and mother of five), I also see three tech manuals for recording equipment and software; a CD by Antony and the Johnsons; about two dozen shards of used paper; two MIDI cables and a couple of audio cables; a jar full of pens; and a rubber lizard.

Then you dig deeper and find the envelope with the pay stub; the Schaum's Physics book; the leatherbound copy of Friðþjófssaga.

The rest of my office is even scarier: Drumsticks, a bass amp that needs fixing, an ankle weight, and half a dozen boxes of books.

And the other side of the archway is worse still -- I'm currently making ready to tear up the old fir floor in the study so that it can be levelled. Then I can install proper bookshelves and unbox literally hundreds of books. Then I'll finally be able to set up that tank of goldfish, that cat-proof winter garden, the coffee machine, the stereo.

And, Xaos willing, find that soldering iron that I need to fix the bass amp.

Welcome to My world.

Now put down the chocolate, and back away slowly...

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